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A curious and geeky photographer from Australia.

Twitter: @Mookman241
Well, since it's the 14th anniversary of Deviantart, I think I might discuss about my story about finding this wonderful site.

While it has been foretold by the statistics that this page has been up since 2009, the real surprise to some of you is that this is my 2nd Deviantart account. My original account was named Mattyrock which I only had to favourite and comment on other people's work but eventually I started doing photography but mostly scenery shots, some of them on film that was scanned onto my computer but mostly digital shots.

I also did a bit of poetry which I did get a bit of praise for it but most of the stuff I wrote was mostly depressing, emo and showing jealously of others who were in a relationship like my elder sister and young brother when I think I shouldn't have.

I was doing fine during that time but then eventually found the joy of cosplay photography after going to Manifest in 2009 and ever since then I've gave it a hold for a while to focus more on my YouTube material...until 2011 when I was then given the invite to the Melbourne Cosplay Community which I then had a bit of time to warm up but I've been doing photography since which I then eventually started up this account which was originally titled Darkmessiah24 but after getting Premium Membership, I was able to change my title to what I'm now called today.

For those who were interested in checking out my old work, I'm sorry but to hide my embarrassment, I decided to delete the old account and learned to move on. I may return to poetry in a different time and place in the future but for now, Photography is my main focus and I really appreciate all the support that you've all given me.

Thanks for stopping by to have a read at my brief journey through Deviantart and I hope to continue showing more of my best work in the future.

I :heart: you all :aww:

P.S, I have something big going on in my Facebook page, please check it out :D

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